Monday, August 7, 2017



Persuasion is a argument when you argue and you try to convince someone to be in your side.( you like a dogs and your friend's like cats and your trying to make them to like dogs)

People use persuasion to put them in there side even they try and make you by something even to stop you do it like this picture.(Stop smoking)

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People use tools like Hummor,Scare tactics,emotions,free gift,celebrations even ads

They use so they can make people or by something even they use high modiality words.Image result for persuasion humor 

Thursday, July 27, 2017

SouthSci Weta project

                         Zoo Trip(Weta Project)

On Thursday we went to enormous amazing zoo we went there to learn awesome information about a wetapoona so we can physique a brand new house for the wetapoona.
Also we seen some interesting animals like Ells,some Giant Weta and a fat cute Kiwi and a Red Panda also a camouflage alligator.
All the information I learn is about there scout.
Also the wetas poo is kind of a rat poo.I think there is DNI also it can help your gardens grow.

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Hong Kong

                                Hong Kong 

Hong Kong is a country and it capital is Victoria.In Hong Kong there,s 7,401,941 people that live there.There are a lot of famous landmarks like Victoria Peak Ocean Park,Hong Kong Disnneyland and Lantau Land.There is mostly Wet summers and Hot sunny days.Hong Kong has lots of holidays like Chinese New Year and Chung Yeung Festival, also good Friday,Easter Monday,Labour Day and The Birthday of the Buddha.At the end of the first Opium war in 1824,Britain gained control of Hong Kong.The city became a major part for trade with Southern China.Did you know Hong Kong is famous for it towering skyscraper?Cathay Pacific is Hong Kong,s airline and has won "World Best Airline"Four times-more than any other.In Hong Kong people eat Dim Sum and drink Tea.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

On friday

                          Staying at school

At school i stayed because i was naughty and at school we had shared lunch and i did some string games and moari work also we did games with long thick sticks.Also i did a pepeha.


Image result for flubber soap
Yesterday we had a fun day at Prep and we sold all our product and there lots of stuff like pizza and toffee apples and string art and i wasted 45 D.P.S for the movie. I only came to the first bit and I bought some sling shot and popcorn also some donut. our product was flubber soap and we went well also we run out of products but we need to improve to make more flubber soap and to not take it home.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

My Moari week

                                                  My Moari Week

This Week I Was learning about tangaroa  in room 2 and we were drawing picture of sea animals and the next day we went to room 8 and we weaved sun catcher and dream catcher and we were singing nursery rythems but in moari also today we learned how to play strings.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

                          The creepy smelly sewers

“Ahhhhhhhhh! What was that????!!!”
As we walked slowly in a dark and smelly sewer, me and my friends got to a dead end. We saw a very yucky body ripped into pieces. “Maybe a zombie came out of the stinky rotten water….Let’s investigate!”
Me and my friends saw a ladder hanging above so we climbed up and we saw another dead body in the river. “Poo! Who farted?!” I looked down with a grin….”Sorry!”
“Ahhhhhhh” one of my friends screamed! There’s a zombie in the stinky water! Runnnn!!!” I shouted. “Let’s go!” Chevy screamed!
Once we escaped, Lathaneal yelled excitedly, “Can you see something shiny, guys?” We answered, “No!” “Let’s go and have a look,” Fohe said excitedly.
Zooooom! We all ran as fast as Cheetahs towards the shiny object. Lathaneal screeched, “IT’S ARMOUR, GUYS!” Fohe said, “Let’s get dressed and try it on! “Wow these are shiny” So Lathaneal pick the silver armour,Fohe try on the golden armour,Chevy put on a very cool blue army armour ,feagai trys on a greeny grass armour,Pj tries on the skeleton pj armour, I weared the red and black armour,andrew weared the the black and yellow armour after are change “I wow! We look awesome should we go do some more investigating” I hooted “Yes please’ we weeped. As we search around we got to 3 turns so we didn't want to split so we went together. As we walked we saw way more zombies at the back of as so we all run away till suddenly we ended up in a deadzone but we were luckily cause we found a ladder to the top on earth.
So we made it to earthed and we needed to go shower.

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